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3 Simple Ways To Save On Wedding Photography

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Photographs play an important role in capturing cherished memories on your wedding day. Because photographs are important, it comes as no surprise to learn that the cost of photography makes up a significant portion of most wedding budgets.

The average couple spends $2,814 on wedding photography alone, which can leave little in the budget for other wedding-related goods and services. If you want to save some money without sacrificing access to photographs for the future, here are three simple things that you can do to reduce the cost of photography on your wedding day.

1. Work with a student photographer.

If there is an art school in your area, then you can work with the school to locate a student photographer willing to shoot your wedding at a discounted price. Since student photographers don't yet have their own business, their prices can be dramatically less than a professional photographer who might have overhead expenses to cover.

Students also have access to the latest and greatest when it comes to technique, poses, and tools. You will be able to offer an aspiring photographer valuable experience while simultaneously saving money when you opt to hire your wedding photographer through an art school.

2. Let your guests double as photographers.

If you aren't concerned with having professional photographs to commemorate your wedding, then you can significantly reduce your wedding expenses by having your guests double as photographers instead of hiring a professional.

Investing in some disposable cameras to place on guest tables during the reception or creating a unique hashtag that will allow your guests to save photographs to an online album using their cell phones can be inexpensive ways to get a lot of pictures from your wedding celebration.

3. Only pay for what you need.

Many professional wedding photographers have created packages that are designed to offer the bride and groom access to some of the most popular photography products. It's important that you take the time to carefully review these packages to see if they meet your needs.

If you don't care to have an album made or if you plan to have prints created through a big box store, then investing in a wedding package might not be your best option. Check to see if your photographer will offer an hourly rate instead to help you cut photography costs.

Saving money while planning a wedding can be challenging. You don't have to sacrifice access to photographs in order to reduce your wedding budget when you make the choice to hire a student, let your guests serve as photographers, or pay an hourly rate instead of purchasing an expensive package from a professional.